I was fortunate enough to get this tin for free

I was fortunate enough to get this tin for free

However, it was quite disappointing. My first bowl of this stuff was extremely difficult to keep lit, and when it was lit, it just burned a scalding hot mess. The flavoring you anticipate with both the open tin aroma, and smoke essence, doesn’t translate to the actual flavor of the tobacco. While the room note is pleasing, I smoke for MY enjoyment, not to my detriment for the pleasure of others. Would NOT purchase this tin, and probably won’t finish the one I have.

If you’ve done something wrong and you want to punish yourself while pleasing the others try this blend. Great smell around, awful, dreadful on your tongue and palate, burns like hell and bites like it.

When you open the Tin the aroma makes you salivate. So I pack my bowl and anticipate a great smoke. It is the worst tobacco I have smoked. Burns way to hot and it really has nothing that makes you want even try to finish the bowl.

It was like smoking ‘white hot’ bubble blow mixture that the kids play with in the back garden during a birthday party.

Worst of the Peterson range by a country mile. Which is a shame as some of their aro’s are standouts. Why on earth do they still process this abortion of a blend is way beyond me.

About half way down the bowl, I started getting ash through the bit and the bottom of the bowl was gurgling with moisture

After popping the vacuum sealed tin, and smoking just one bowlfull, I promptly emptied the rest of the tins contents over the flower borders in my garden. A perfect way I think to stop cats shitting on the Fucias. Total toxic waste in a tin. Don’t waste your time or money.

Never has a tobacco offered so much and delivered so little. There is not much I can add to what other reviewers have said here save to add my criticism. The tobacco smells wonderful when you pop the tin and makes you want to fill a bowl as soon as possible. However, once lit you are given a bitter tasting, hot smoke which bites from the first puff. I rarely suffer from tongue bite but I had to stop smoking this after about 5 minutes, although I tried to persevere it was just really unpleasant. As for that aroma, where did it go?! Avoid.

That aroma doesn’t hang around for long and after lighting I can detect no aroma whatsoever and can taste absoultely nothing. It doesn’t burn particularly well, either. Needs constant relighting.

Sweet Killarny was recommended to me by a tobacconist I’ve purchased most of my pipes from. I opened the tin and it smelled wonderful. The tobacco was not too moist and not too dry, but seemed just right. I packed the bowl of a fairly large Wiley pipe and lit the top. After going for the full lite up, I was surprised to find the flavor lacking. I thought it might get better after it burned down and was ped again, but it did not.

I ran a pipe cleaner through the stem with going too far into the bowl, tamped and relit. More ash. Yuck!

I thought it may be too large of a pipe, so went to a smaller Neerup. Nope, still had the same experience. The flavor was weak and combined with the ashy experience, I won’t buy this again.

Nice room note and I have occasionally blended it with other tobaccos mostly black cherry and it burns evenly without the need for relighting

This blend is one that i would recommend. When you open the tin the aroma is simply delicious. It is good enough to eat consisting of a strong caramel and toffee araoma. I am on my second tin of this and it has not disappointed me. The smoke is cool when smoked in a churchwarden pipe (my favourite) and i have not experienced any tongue bite. If you light aromatics then this is one for you.